Friday, 18 March 2011

Edwards Audio headphone amplifier preview

I couldn't resist posting a couple of pics of the pre production Edwards Audio headphone amplifier that has just been dropped off by head honcho of Edwards Audio, Kevin.

The model shown here is anticipated to cost in the region of £400 and will also double as an active four input line level pre amp. Naturally I couldn't resist a sneaky listen and can confirm that even with the standard power supply (like all products from Edwards Audio it can be upgraded by adding larger power supply) it sounded quite superb (auditioned with Grado headphones via Consonance CD2.2 Reference Linear). In fact I liked it so much I wasn't going to let Kevin prise it out of my hands, so for a brief while it's available for audition here! 

A cheaper version will also be made in a more basic case, without the active pre amp stage and with only two inputs, if it sounds even half as good as this one, it should cause the competition a lot of sleepless nights.

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