Friday, 13 May 2011

Tsakiridis price reductions

With ever spiralling costs most manufacturers have understandably been putting their prices up recently, and I have been very busy for the last few weeks amending prices on our website to ensure we're up to date. However in amongst the thick wedge of new price lists I've had to work through was a major surprise.

Greek amplifier manufacturer Tsakiridis (pronounced with a silent 'T') have reduced their prices, and not by a small amount. Due to a seemingly rather ruthless strategy to get market share their prices have dropped substantially, as an example the Achilles 300B single ended monoblocks that delighted us earlier this year have dropped from £1,945 to £1,350 (are there any cheaper European made 300B SE monoblocks? We can't think of any). The mighty 845 Orfeus monoblocks (pictured below) have gone from £3,455 to just under £2,400 (!), and the delightful Alexander remote controlled pre amp from £1,600 to just £1,120.
When we first auditioned the Tsakiridis range we were very impressed by their sound and keen pricing, so this current reduction seems quite incredible, we highly recommend an audition!

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