Friday, 8 April 2011

Rega Brio R announced

Rega have just released some details of new Brio, their entry level amplifier. As expected it's in the half width case as shared with the new DAC and from the sound of the press release is quite a redesign, with a new output stage (still 50 watts per channel), improved phono stage, improved power supplies and of course, remote control. Like the DAC it will be available in either Black or silver finish.

The biggest surprise is the price, which is higher than we were expecting at £480 and quite a jump up from the old Brio. Quite whether they've captured the magic that the old Brio had remains to be seen, we should have one here as soon as they're in production to find out, however in the mean time please don't forget we can still supply the wonderful 'old' Brio at just £255 whilst socks last - an absolute bargain in our opinion.


  1. I've just uploaded the product information pdf here:

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